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Diet for soft tissue rehabilitation

Rehabilitation nutrition for dogs recovering from muscle injury

13 Sep, 2017

When dogs are recovering from soft tissue injuries their diet may need to be adjusted to accommodate their special needs during the rehabilitation phase. There are two important considerations for dogs in terms of nutrition during this phase….

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Kong fillers for puppies

Healthy, homemade Kong filler for puppies

15 Aug, 2017

My new puppy is not particularly keen on peanut paste as a Kong filling, nor do I like feeding it to him. So here are two recipes for nutritious, healthy, homemade Kong fillers that my young puppy loves.

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How to prevent obesity in dogs

Do fat puppies stay fat? How to prevent obesity in dogs.

22 Jul, 2017

Fat, happy puppies are adorable, however a recent study indicates that the rate at which a puppy grows and their body weight at……

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