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Exercise for weight loss

Is exercise necessary for a dog to lose weight?

13 Dec, 2017

Canine weight loss regimes typically recommend increasing physical activity in combination with diet changes as an effective way to regain optimal weight, but is exercise really necessary to lose weight?

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Diet restriction effect on life span

How much should I feed my dog? Effects of restricting the amount dogs eat on their life span.

18 Oct, 2017

Animal studies have concluded that restricting the amount the animal eats extends their life span. Diet restriction also appears to delay ……

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Is jumping on the bed or couch bad for dog's muscles

Is it OK for my dog to jump on the bed or couch?

10 Oct, 2017

For many dog owners, relaxing with their dog on the couch is one of the many pleasures of living with a dog. In some households, the dogs even have their own couch. While we enjoy having our dogs sitting up with us, what effect does the action of jumping up and down onto the couch or bed have on your dog’s muscles?

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