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Effect of massage on mood, stress and anxiety

Can massage reduce stress and anxiety in dogs?

09 Feb, 2018

Remedial massage therapy has been shown to be effective in improving mood and reducing stress and anxiety in both human and animal subjects. A study of human patients recovering from open heart surgery investigated how…..

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Older dog limping on front leg

Older dog is limping on their front leg: causes and natural treatments

08 Jan, 2018

Many clients with senior dogs initially sought treatment because their dog was limping on a front leg. We typically think of the hips and knees as being the source of weakness as we age however…..

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Effects of heat and exercise on dogs

Is it too hot to walk my dog? How exercising in the heat affects dogs.

02 Jan, 2018

Over the Christmas holidays, life slows down a little for many of us. We like to sleep a little later and enjoy the quiet of the morning with a relaxing cup of tea or coffee. But by the time we start the day it is already warming up, so when is it too hot to walk the dog and what effect……

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