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Kong fillers for puppies

Healthy, homemade Kong filler for puppies

15 Aug, 2017

My new puppy is not particularly keen on peanut paste as a Kong filling, nor do I like feeding it to him. So here are two recipes for nutritious, healthy, homemade Kong fillers that my young puppy loves.

I use these fillers to stuff a Kong for my puppy when he goes into his crate or when we are out and about and I need him to settle on his mat. I also to make a frozen Kong treat when I need it to last a little longer.

Recipe 1 – Sardine filler

  • Tin of sardines with the liquid drained
  • Heaped teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Small handful of steamed vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli or squash – anything that can easily be mashed.

Combine all ingredients when the steamed vegetables are warm so the coconut oil melts and combines with the other ingredients.

You could substitute the sardines for mackeral, tuna or salmon depending on your dog’s preferences.

Recipe 2 – Chicken filler

  • Approximately 200 g minced chicken
  • Egg
  • Small handful of mashed steamed vegetables

Gently pan fry the minced chicken. Add the steamed vegetables and mix the egg there the warm chicken and vegetable mix to combine.

You could substitute minced chicken for any other minced meat like beef, turkey, pork or lamb.

How do you use the fillers to stuff a Kong?

I make a batch of these fillers every second or third day, so I always have it on hand to stuff a Kong and help puppy to settle.

When I first make a batch, I stuff the openings of a couple of Kongs with the mixture and freeze them. This way, I always have a “premade” Kong ready if I am caught off guard. The remainder of the filling, I store in an air tight container in the fridge. It lasts well for up to three days.

I use a teaspoon to “stuff” the filling in the large openings of the Kong. I also smear it on the outside of Kongs with external grooves. For my older dog, I fill the entire Kong cavity loosely with the filling, as he is persistent and will work to get all the filling.

These are a couple of recipes that have worked for my puppy, please share your dogs’ favourite Kong filler recipes.

Until next time, enjoy your dogs.