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Jane-Louise Conlon, CMT Practitioner

Jane-Louise Conlon

CMT Practitioner, Pet Nutritionist

Jane-Louise, founder of FullStride, is a fully qualified Canine Myofunctional Therapist through the National College of Traditional Medicine. She also holds a Practicing Certificate of Nutrition for Companion Pets from the National College of Traditional Medicine. She is committed to ongoing education in the field of canine health with a particular focus on maintaining longevity in our canine companions.

Her overarching goal is to optimise the health and happiness of dogs by enhancing their agility, comfort and behaviour. She finds enormous satisfaction that her treatments and training also benefit the entire household. Owners find that sharing their lives with a dog that’s comfortable, pain-free, well behaved and relaxed is much more enjoyable!

Jane-Louise shares her life with a young Hungarian Vizsla and together they compete in Obedience and Scent Work. Jane-Louise is an active member of the dog world holding membership of the following:

  • Australian Pet Dog Trainers Association (APDT)
  • Dogs Queensland
  • Pine Rivers Dog Training Club
  • Teamwork Dogs Instructing Team