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Haqihana harness

Dog harness review

15 Nov, 2022

A while back I wrote about the potential damage to a dog’s neck that pulling on a collar can have. In this blog I recommended using a properly fitted harness as a more comfortable and safe option for dogs. (See Neck damage from dogs pulling on lead)

The harness I am currently using is a Haqihana harness. Check out the blog photo for my boy and his mate modelling their harnesses.

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How to slow the effects of aging on dog’s muscles?

26 Aug, 2021

As our dogs age, we notice they are not quite so willing to jump onto the lounge, they may lack confidence on the stairs and they are a little stiff when getting out of bed.

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Shoulder injuries in dogs, agility

Shoulder injuries in agility dogs

02 Apr, 2021

While I don’t personally use dog parks, I have noticed that most of the parks in my area are now equipped with “agility” like equipment including A-frames, jumps, weave poles, and tunnels. Pet dogs can have a bit of fun weaving, jumping and negotiating the obstacles, but does it expose them to risk of a muscle strain…..

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