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Massage, exercise and natural healing for muscle injury

Natural healing, exercise or massage: What is the best way to rehabilitate a dog after muscle injury?

02 Mar, 2020

When our dogs strain a muscle, we often think that a couple of day’s rest is all that is required to heal and restore the muscle’s strength and function. A recent animal study tested this practice and the results may be surprising.

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Head and pelvis displacement in dogs with induced lameness

My dog dips their head when they walk

06 Feb, 2020

When healthy, sound dogs walk or trot their heads move up and down slightly through the stride cycle. If you notice your dogs’ head bobbing up and down significantly, this is a good indication of a disturbance in their movement.

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Tips to use dog treat crumbs

5 tips for using dog treat crumbs

30 Jan, 2020

You go to a lot of effort to make nutritious treats for your dog or you invest in expensive treats for your best friend, so to just throw out the crumbs in the bottom of the treat container is a waste of effort and money.

Here are 5 easy ways to make the most of your dog’s treat and use the crumbs in the bottom of the container.

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