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Haqihana harness

Dog harness review

15 Nov, 2022

A while back I wrote about the potential damage to a dog’s neck that pulling on a collar can have. In this blog I recommended using a properly fitted harness as a more comfortable and safe option for dogs. (See Neck damage from dogs pulling on lead)

The harness I am currently using is a Haqihana harness. Check out the blog photo for my boy and his mate modelling their harnesses.

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Shoulder injuries in dogs, agility

Shoulder injuries in agility dogs

02 Apr, 2021

While I don’t personally use dog parks, I have noticed that most of the parks in my area are now equipped with “agility” like equipment including A-frames, jumps, weave poles, and tunnels. Pet dogs can have a bit of fun weaving, jumping and negotiating the obstacles, but does it expose them to risk of a muscle strain…..

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How much exercise for a dog is too much?

23 Oct, 2020

Recently, I treated a couple of dogs from different households and different breeds, ages, and lifestyles, these dogs had one thing in common. In the words of their owners, these dogs were “well exercised”.

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