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Haqihana harness

Dog harness review

15 Nov, 2022

A while back I wrote about the potential damage to a dog’s neck that pulling on a collar can have. In this blog I recommended using a properly fitted harness as a more comfortable and safe option for dogs. (See Neck damage from dogs pulling on lead)

The harness I am currently using is a Haqihana harness. Check out the blog photo for my boy and his mate modelling their harnesses.

The Haqihana harness is well designed to allow the full range of forelimb motion without rubbing under the front legs. It also sits comfortably on the dog’s chest. Even when load is applied from behind, the harness does not ride up and apply pressure to the dog’s neck.

Here are some other reasons I really like this harness.

1. Quality construction

This was certainly not the cheapest harness I have ever bought but it is excellent quality construction. On the back strap that takes the most load, it is double stitched and has two layers of material. The clips and D rings are sturdy and on each D ring joint it is double stitched for extra strength.

2. Ease of fitting

This harness has a very simple design so it is really quick and easy to fit. The clips are positioned such that they can be adjusted to sit well away from any joints and not impede the dog’s movement. Once fitted the harness is easy to put on the dog. It simply slips over their head and clips up. There is no need for the dog to have to step through any loops. For dogs that don’t like to be leaned over, this harness can be fitting by standing or crouching at the dog’s side or from behind.

3. Fabric

The fabric is very durable and colour fast. I wash our harnesses at least weekly sometimes more if we end up in the creek! While the fabric is strong it is not abrasive against the dog’s coat or skin. Even for coated dogs like a Belgian Shepherd, I have not seen the harness “catch” or abrade the coat.

Also for those who are fashion conscious, the harnesses come in a range of lovely colours – including a multi-colour one!

4. Function

I haven’t fitted my boy’s harness particularly tight, I can still get at least two maybe three fingers under the straps but even with this fit and the weight of a long line, the harness remains well fitted. My boy also free runs (off lead) wearing the harness and there is no change in his gait at a trot or gallop.

For more information about the Haqihana harness, please see:

Until next time, enjoy your dogs.