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Should you treat dogs during a treatment?

Should you give dogs treats during a massage treatment?

17 Dec, 2019

There are a number of viewpoints among canine myofunctional therapists about the use of food rewards while treating a dog. For me, I am happy with using food rewards if…..

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Do dogs need to lie down to get a massage?

27 Sep, 2019

When we imagine canine massage, we typically think of a dog lying on its side, half asleep receiving a treatment. This image however doesn’t reflect how many dogs receive an effective myofunctional treatment, at least not the first treatment.

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Post massage recovery tips for dogs

Tips to help your dog recover from a massage

14 Aug, 2018

After we experience a deep, remedial massage treatment, we often feel sore, our reflexes are slow, and we are lethargic and not enthused to work or exercise. Our dogs typically feel ……

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