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What do wolves’ diet tell us about how to feed domestic dogs?

17 Mar, 2020

Studies comparing the genetics of domestic dogs and other canids such as wolves, foxes and jackals indicate that domestic dogs are direct descendants of one or more types of modern day wolves. As such, it stands to reason that what we feed our dogs can, to some extent, be informed by the diet of wolves.

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Tips to use dog treat crumbs

5 tips for using dog treat crumbs

30 Jan, 2020

You go to a lot of effort to make nutritious treats for your dog or you invest in expensive treats for your best friend, so to just throw out the crumbs in the bottom of the treat container is a waste of effort and money.

Here are 5 easy ways to make the most of your dog’s treat and use the crumbs in the bottom of the container.

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Are probiotics effective in improving a dog’s gut health?

15 May, 2019

We know the bacteria in the dog’s gut plays a critical role in the animal’s health. If your dog’s intestinal microbiota is out of balance, how can the balance be restored and are probiotics effective?

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