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Tips to use dog treat crumbs

5 tips for using dog treat crumbs

30 Jan, 2020

You go to a lot of effort to make nutritious treats for your dog or you invest in expensive treats for your best friend, so to just throw out the crumbs in the bottom of the treat container is a waste of effort and money.

Here are 5 easy ways to make the most of your dog’s treat and use the crumbs in the bottom of the container.

1. Meal topper

For fussy eaters, retain the treat crumbs and sprinkle them over the dog’s meal to make it more palatable. For dogs that eat a fruit and vegetable mix as part of their normal diet, you could mix the treat crumbs through the fruit and vegetable mix.

For details of including fruit and vegetables in your dog’s diet please see:

Remember to include the treat crumbs in your dog’s daily energy intake, so your dog doesn’t put on weight.

2. Kong stuffing

If Kongs or “stuffable” chew toys are part of your dog’s enrichment routine, then adding the treat crumbs to the stuffing is a great way to use up the crumbs and make the Kong extra tasty.

For more Kong stuffing recipe ideas please:

3. Bake into treats

Add the treat crumbs to the mixture of the next batch of baked dog treats you make.

4. Snuffle mat

Use the treat crumbs in your dog’s snuffle mat. The small crumbs will have your dog sniffing and searching for a long time.

For more information about snuffle mats please see:

5. Freeze into containers for a slow release treat

A cool summertime treat is to give your dog ice blocks. Freeze containers of water with bone broth, bones, fruit and of course your treat crumbs. Chewing and licking an ice block keeps the dog cool and hydrated and gives them a fun activity while you are out at work.

Please share your ideas for how you use the crumbs in the bottom of your dog’s treat container.

Until next time, enjoy your dogs.

Image by Marionthb from Pixabay