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Natural treatment for post-exercise stiffness in dogs

How to treat dogs with muscle stiffness after exercise?

17 Oct, 2019

The best way to avoid post- exercise stiffness and fatigue in our dogs is to ensure they are conditioned to the type, intensity and duration of exercise we are asking them to undertake. In cases, where the dog has exercised strenuously and exhibits some loss of muscle of function, then massage therapy is beneficial in treating fatigue, pain, inflammation and muscle stiffness.

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Do dogs need to lie down to get a massage?

27 Sep, 2019

When we imagine canine massage, we typically think of a dog lying on its side, half asleep receiving a treatment. This image however doesn’t reflect how many dogs receive an effective myofunctional treatment, at least not the first treatment.

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Do dogs get sore backs?

Spinal Cord Injury - Benefits of massage therapy

20 Sep, 2019

The objectives of rehabilitation programmes for animals and humans with spinal cord injury are to restore function and address pain and in so doing improve the patient’s quality of life. While the previous article indicated that starting a stretching protocol during the acute phase of the injury had an adverse effect on restoring locomotion function, this article will discuss other treatments to restore function and address pain.

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