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Natural alternatives to dental chews for dogs

What are natural alternatives to dental treats for dogs?

26 Apr, 2019

Dental chews stimulate chewing and abrades the tooth surface, but are they good for dogs to eat on a semi-regular basis? What are the key ingredients in dental chews?

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Effect of massage on the lymphatic system

Effect of massage on the dog's lymphatic system

11 Apr, 2019

The dog’s lymphatic system is key to a strong immune system. A properly functioning immune system protects the dog from pathogens, allergens, and disease. Lymphatics transport and clear immune cells from the body’s tissues. To function properly, the dog’s lymphatic system relies on….

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Muscle injury in dogs. Is rest enough to restore muscle strength

How to prevent muscle atrophy in dogs needing crate rest?

27 Mar, 2019

Crate rest is often recommended for dogs after surgery or when they are recovering from an injury. While crate rest assists in recovery, long term crate rest can lead to…..

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