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Massage for canine osteoarthritis

08 May, 2020

By implementing a multi-modal treatment regime, osteoarthritis in dogs can be effectively managed to ensure the dog’s ongoing quality of life.

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What is the cause of a “hump” in my dog’s spine?

17 Apr, 2020

I have written in the past about ways you can tell if your dog needs a myofunctional (massage) treatment. Signs may include a change in their gait (including limping), change in behaviour and / or performance and physical signs of injury such as swelling and heat. Another indicator we can add to this list is a visible change in the dog’s posture.

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What do wolves’ diet tell us about how to feed domestic dogs?

17 Mar, 2020

Studies comparing the genetics of domestic dogs and other canids such as wolves, foxes and jackals indicate that domestic dogs are direct descendants of one or more types of modern day wolves. As such, it stands to reason that what we feed our dogs can, to some extent, be informed by the diet of wolves.

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