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Is corn OK for dogs?

Can dogs eat corn?

21 Dec, 2017

My young dog recently had an obstruction in his large intestine which required surgery. The vet removed a small piece of……

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What is meat meal in dog food?

What minerals do dogs need? Mineral analysis of pet food.

24 Oct, 2017

Domestic cats and dogs require their diet to provide essential minerals that their bodies are unable to produce. In the UK, 41% of dogs and 77% of cats are feed wet pet foods (tins, pouches etc) complemented with other foods like table scraps, treats etc. Based on these percentages, it is imperative that commercial pet foods provide…..

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Diet restriction effect on life span

How much should I feed my dog? Effects of restricting the amount dogs eat on their life span.

18 Oct, 2017

Animal studies have concluded that restricting the amount the animal eats extends their life span. Diet restriction also appears to delay ……

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