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What is meat meal in dog food?

What minerals do dogs need? Mineral analysis of pet food.

24 Oct, 2017

Domestic cats and dogs require their diet to provide essential minerals that their bodies are unable to produce. In the UK, 41% of dogs and 77% of cats are feed wet pet foods (tins, pouches etc) complemented with other foods like table scraps, treats etc. Based on these percentages, it is imperative that commercial pet foods provide…..

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Snuffle mat for dogs rehabilitating from surgery or injury

Snuffle mats for dogs recovering from injury

28 Sep, 2017

A downside of immobilisation after muscle injury or surgery is the loss of mental stimulation that the dog would normally get through exercise and other activities. Here is a great idea for keeping your dog’s mind active while they recover.

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Magpie swooping season

Dog walking in magpie swooping season. How to avoid being swooped?

01 Sep, 2017

I am fortunate to walk the dogs in a park with many lovely gum trees. These trees are home to a family of magpies. As we walk into the park, the magpies fly down to say “hi” even in “swooping” season when they have chicks to protect. The reason they don’t swoop at me and the dogs is….

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