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Blog / Articles by Jane-Louise Conlon

Joint creaking

My dog’s joints make crunching sounds and how to treat it?

10 Nov, 2019

In humans and dogs, we sometimes hear noises when joints flex and extend. Joint noise can be described as popping, snapping, clicking, grinding, grating, crackling, and crunching.

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Canine gait

What is canine gait and why is it important to know how your dog moves?

04 Nov, 2019

The rhythm and frequency of limb movements affects the pattern in which fore and hind limbs touch the ground and determines the gait type. In dogs, common gait types include……

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Natural treatment for post-exercise stiffness in dogs

How to treat dogs with muscle stiffness after exercise?

17 Oct, 2019

The best way to avoid post- exercise stiffness and fatigue in our dogs is to ensure they are conditioned to the type, intensity and duration of exercise we are asking them to undertake. In cases, where the dog has exercised strenuously and exhibits some loss of muscle of function, then massage therapy is beneficial in treating fatigue, pain, inflammation and muscle stiffness.

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