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Natural alternatives to dental chews for dogs

What are natural alternatives to dental treats for dogs?

26 Apr, 2019

Dental chews stimulate chewing and abrades the tooth surface, but are they good for dogs to eat on a semi-regular basis? What are the key ingredients in dental chews?

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Can dogs eat organ meat and offal?

Can dogs eat organ meat?

26 Feb, 2019

Organ meat comprises the internal organs of the animal include the heart, lungs, stomach, brains, liver and kidneys, but is organ meat nutritious for dogs? Is it safe to feed dogs organ meat?

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Raw meaty bones

Raw food vs kibble for dogs: effect of diet on gut health

14 Sep, 2018

As more dog owners are choosing to feed their dogs a raw food or BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet, what effect does this type of diet have on the dog’s gut health?

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