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Head and pelvis displacement in dogs with induced lameness

My dog dips their head when they walk

06 Feb, 2020

When healthy, sound dogs walk or trot their heads move up and down slightly through the stride cycle. If you notice your dogs’ head bobbing up and down significantly, this is a good indication of a disturbance in their movement.

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Joint creaking

My dog’s joints make crunching sounds and how to treat it?

10 Nov, 2019

In humans and dogs, we sometimes hear noises when joints flex and extend. Joint noise can be described as popping, snapping, clicking, grinding, grating, crackling, and crunching.

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Do dogs get sore backs?

Spinal Cord Injury - Benefits of massage therapy

20 Sep, 2019

The objectives of rehabilitation programmes for animals and humans with spinal cord injury are to restore function and address pain and in so doing improve the patient’s quality of life. While the previous article indicated that starting a stretching protocol during the acute phase of the injury had an adverse effect on restoring locomotion function, this article will discuss other treatments to restore function and address pain.

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