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Massage therapy effect on sleep quality

Can canine massage help my senior dog sleep? Tips for improving sleep quality in older dogs.

27 Apr, 2018

Recently I had two clients with older dogs aged 12 and 13 years respectively, comment on changes in their dogs’ sleeping habits. Both noted that their dogs sleep more deeply during the day, after their morning exercise and have become “restless” at night, often waking to go out to the toilet or just for some reassurance.

Both clients noted that for up to two weeks after a massage treatment, their dogs…..

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Does warm up and cool down effect performance? Ways to increase your dog’s stamina.

26 Mar, 2018

Stamina is defined as the dog’s “ability to withstand high energy – demanding activity over extended period of time”. There are many factors that influences a dog’s stamina. These factors can be……..

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