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Exercises to strengthen muscles

Best exercises to strengthen dog’s back leg muscles

24 Nov, 2019

Dogs recovering from surgery and injury or dogs with chronic conditions such as hip dysplasia, stifle conditions (luxating patella, partially ruptured cruciate ligament) and osteoarthritis can benefit from remedial exercises to strengthen muscles that support the hip and stifle joints. With the wide variety of remedial exercises, which ones should you focus on to strengthen hind limb musculature?

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Joint creaking

My dog’s joints make crunching sounds and how to treat it?

10 Nov, 2019

In humans and dogs, we sometimes hear noises when joints flex and extend. Joint noise can be described as popping, snapping, clicking, grinding, grating, crackling, and crunching.

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Canine gait

What is canine gait and why is it important to know how your dog moves?

04 Nov, 2019

The rhythm and frequency of limb movements affects the pattern in which fore and hind limbs touch the ground and determines the gait type. In dogs, common gait types include……

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