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Effects of desexing on dog's long term health

How does desexing affect a dog? Impacts of desexing on mobility.

29 Nov, 2017

Surgical sterilisation including ovariectomy and ovariohysterectomy, castration – referred to as spaying, neutering or desexing is a common approach to preventing overpopulation of unwanted dogs.

However, surgical sterilisation has been linked to an increased incidence of health conditions that affect a dog’s musculoskeletal system and their ability to…..

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Dog is not injured, why do they need canine massage

My dog isn’t injured so why do they need canine massage?

21 Nov, 2017

Despite our cars running well, we still take them for a regular service. Our bodies and those of our dogs are very similar to our vehicles in many respects.

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What is meat meal in dog food?

What minerals do dogs need? Mineral analysis of pet food.

24 Oct, 2017

Domestic cats and dogs require their diet to provide essential minerals that their bodies are unable to produce. In the UK, 41% of dogs and 77% of cats are feed wet pet foods (tins, pouches etc) complemented with other foods like table scraps, treats etc. Based on these percentages, it is imperative that commercial pet foods provide…..

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