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How much exercise for a dog is too much?

23 Oct, 2020

Recently, I treated a couple of dogs from different households and different breeds, ages, and lifestyles, these dogs had one thing in common. In the words of their owners, these dogs were “well exercised”.

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When can I start exercising a dog after a muscle strain?

15 Sep, 2020

When our dogs injure a muscle, however slight, we typically give them a couple of days rest and then allow them to return to normal exercise. Is this approach sufficient to restore the dog’s muscle strength or are we risking re-injury?

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How does a dog’s gait change after hip dysplasia surgery?

29 Jul, 2020

Recently, a canine patient, that had undergone surgery for hip dysplasia approximately 5 months earlier, presented with a limp. This case prompted several questions – How does a dog’s gait change post-surgery for hip dysplasia? What effects does a change in gait post-surgery have on the dog’s entire musculoskeletal system? For how long do these effects last?

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